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Veterinary Drug / Medicamentul Veterinar Vol. 1(2) 2007

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 Medicamentul Veterinar / Veterinary Drug, un eveniment editorial de exceptie (ro.)

Victor Voicu


2007, Anul provocarilor (ro.)

Romeo T. Cristina


Asociatia, intre realizari si neimpliniri (ro.)

Valer Teusdea


 Antibiotics’ therapeutic biodisponibility and accidents’ medico-legal implications due to antinfectious medication

Traian Enache


Continuous education


Factors that influencing veterinary drug’s metabolisation

Romeo T. Cristina


The methodology of setting up and the management of antibiotic treatments in veterinary medicine

Anca Marculescu


Toxicity testing of the veterinary use drugs

Gh Solcan, I. S. Beschea Chiriac


Anticoccidial therapy small guide

Romeo T. Cristina


Metaflumizone – a new ectoparasiticide for dogs and cats

Lidia Chitimia, I. Cosoroaba


Nitrates and nitrites intoxications’ management

Alexandra Trif


 Quality management system in veterinary drug analysis – the first step in european recongnition of testing laboratory competence

Camelia Tulcan


Cadmiums presence in ecosystems

Ioan Macinic


Cryptosporidiosys and it’s implications in public health

Imre Kalman


 Original works


Effectiveness testing of some vegetal extracts comparing with clasical anthelmintics

Ilie M.S., Darabus Gh., Oprescu I, Morariu S, Narcisa Mederle, Alina lie, Imre K, Florica Morariu 


The economic implications of the enteric disease complex and its control by the utilization of pleuromutillins in swine

Veturia-Ileana Nueleanu, M. Boc, Anca Marculescu, M.Cernea


Evenimentum (ro)


Juvenaes Alumni (ro)









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