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Romanian National Association of Veterinary Products Manufacturers (RNAVPM), was established by Bucharest' Sector 6 ruling court, being registered in the Special Register, according to the registration certificate of non-profit legal person, no. 100 of 05.10.2006.




RNAVPM joined to the General Union of Industrialists UGIR 1903 Romania in 1903 and endeavor to joining to the International Federation for Animal Health (IFAH) which is actually the International Association of Veterinary Drug Manufacturers (IAVDM).


RNAVPM is accounting over 97% of the turnover of the local veterinary products, in the amount of over 15 million lei. In the veterinary products industry are working around 1500 people.


The goal is the establishment of the Association is:


- the right to freedom of association for promoting the interests of manufacturers of veterinary drugs,

- the promotion of research results in this field,

- easy access to association members for private and public financial resources

- achieving personal partnership between public authorities and private legal without patrimonial interest,

- respect public order and carrying out activities of national interest

- the establishment of associated,
- establishment of trade associations whose reinvest dividends if not necessarily used in order for the Association.

The main objective of the RNAVPM


is the industry' successful integration of veterinary products in the European single market needs and meet the specific requirements of Romanian market caused by the existence of subsistence farmers.


Association specific objectives refer to:


1. defend and promote the interests of Romanian manufacturers of veterinary products in relations with state bodies


2. participation as advisory to the initiation, development and promotion of business development programs for manufacturing veterinary products and to negotiate and conclude collective labor contract, and other negotiations and agreements in relations with public authorities, trade unions and other organizations


3. obtaining the status of permanent representative to the Committee for Veterinary Medicinal Products.

Organization consists of:


a. founding members,

b. associate members,

c. honorary members and

d. supporting members.


a. founding members

are the foundation of the association who participated in and contributed to the founding of its material and moral formation and initial social heritage;
b. associate members 

are those that associate after Association foundation and marerialy and moraly help to increase his assets.

c. honorary members

are individuals and companies who have made/make special services throughout the Association of moral and material.

d. supporting members

are those who adhere to achieving goals and objectives of the Association.


Currently, of a total of 16 domestic manufacturers have joined to the RNAVPM, 13:


Institute Pasteur SA Bucharest,

SN SC Pasteur - Branch Filipesti LLC

SC A & S International 2000 LLC, Bucharest

SC Romvac Company SA, Bucharest

SC Delos Impex 96 LLC Bucharest,

who have the status of founding members and, respectively:


Antibiotice Iasi,

SC Institute for Bee Research and Development SA, Bucharest,

SC Zoovet-Impex LLC Bucharest,

SC Promedivet Sovata LLC,

SC Vanelli LLC, Iasi

SC Microbiovet LLC, Bucharest,

SC Crida LLC, Bucharest,

SC Vetorex LLC, have the status of associate members, with the same rights and obligations as the founding members.


Of the three companies that have not joined the Association, one has a mixed profile of manufacturing, ie human and veterinary products, the second is newly established, and the third is a research institute with a reduced production types and market share.

The Association is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of seven members:


President:                  Dr. Sorin Stanescu Paul

Senior Vice President: Eng. Constantin Chiurciu

Vice Presidents:          Dr. Mircea Roman, Dr. George Paraschiv

Members:                   Eng.chem. Victorita Burghelea, Chem. Carmen Moisoiu.

Secretary:                  Lawyer Viorica Iordache


Board has the following responsibilities:


1. shows to the Associations' General Assembly the progress reports, execution of budget revenue and expenditure, balance sheet, project income and expenditure budget, projects the Association programs

2. close legal acts on behalf and on behalf of the Association, through the president or an official representative,

3. approve the organizational and personnel policy of the Association,

4. develops code of  internal rules,

5. carry out any duties and tasks set by the Associations' General Assembly.

Associations' current administrative, technical and financial activities are acomplished:

  1. Executive director,
  2. Technical advisors,
  3. Legal and economic staff.

In 15 November 2011 all the members of the Association remainded as follows:


1.  A & S International 2000,

2.  SC. Crida Pharm,

3.  SC. Delos Impex,

4.  Institute for Beekeeping Research and Development (ICDA),

5.  National Institute Pasteur P. Branch Filipesti,

6.  National Institute Pasteur Bucharest,

7.  SC. Romvac Company SA,

8.  SC. Vanelli,

9.  SC. Vetorex,

10. SC. Zoovet.


decided by voting the next components structure of the Board:


President - Dr. Sorin P. Stanescu (A & S International 2000),

Senior Vice President - Eng. Constantin Chiurciu (Romvac Comp.),

Vice President - Dr. Mircea Roman (Delos Impex),


as members were elected:

Biochim. Dr. Mateescu C. (ICDA) (new elected).

Eng. Onceru C. Eng (SC Vanelli) (new elected).


As executive director of  Romanian National Association of Veterinary Products Manufacturers (RNAVPM),  has been reappointed by the new Board of Directors, Prof. Valer Teusdea.






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