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Published in 2016 (JCR values 2015)


263 (157). Pentea, M; Hulea, C; Stancu, A; Butnariu, M; Cristina, RT. Developing the plastination laboratory for the technique S10. Materiale Plastice, (ISSN:0025-5289) (IF-0.956), 2016, 53(1):150-153.

WOS: 000373966500035


264 (158). Muselin, F; Cristina RT*; Igna, V; Dumitrescu, E; Brezovan, D; Trif, A. The consequences of aluminium intake on reproductive function in male rats - A three generation study. Turkish Journal of Medical Science, (ISSN:1300-0144), (IF-0.325), 2016, 46(4):1240-1248.

doi: 10.3906/sag-1501-101

WOS: 000378646700044 


265 (159). Mosneang, CL; Oprescu, I; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Borlea, GF; David, G; Cristina, RT*. Soil eco-risk assessment using a simple earthworm (Eisenia fetida) qualitative avoidance test: A Romanian case presentation of five swine farm surroundings. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation (ISSN:0022-4561), (IF-1.752/Q1), 2016, 71(5):414-419.

doi: 10.2489/jswc.71.5.414

WOS: 000383316400009                                                                                                                  


266 (160). Grozea, A; Drasovean, A; Lalescu, D; Gal, D; Cziszter, TL; Cristina, RT*. The pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) background color preference in the Recirculating Aquaculture Systems. Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science (ISSN:1303-2712) (IF-0.553), 2016, 16(4):891-897.

doi: 10.4194/1303-2712-v16_4_16

WOS: 000388312400016                                                                                                                                         


267. (161). Pap, A; Cristina, RT. Actiunea hormonilor tiroidieni asupra functiei cardiovasculare si renale in afectul tiroidian. Medicamentul Veterinar/ Veterinary Drug (ISSN:2069-2463), 2016, 10(1):4-19.

ICID: 1207330


268 (162). Abrudean, E; Hulea, CI; Abrudean, M; Cristina, RT. Mic ghid de terapie cu gold implant la animale.  Medicamentul Veterinar/ Veterinary Drug (ISSN:2069-2463), 2016, 10(1):21-40.

ICID: 1207331


269 (163). Abrudean, E; Hulea, CI; Abrudean, M; Cristina, RT. Gold implant therapy of locomotory disorders in dogs - Case studies. Medicamentul Veterinar/ Veterinary Drug (ISSN:2069-2463), 2016, 10(1):72-79.

ICID: 1207338


270. Muselin, F; Cristina, RT; Garban, Z; Dumitrescu, E; Doma, AO; Trif A. Aluminium levels in exposed rats with alloxan induced diabetes mellitus. 6th International Symposium Federation of European Societies on Trace Elements and Minerals (FESTEM), 26-28.05.2016, Catania, Italy. Abstracts, p. 118. 


271. Doma, AO; Trif A; Muselin, F; Cristina, RT; Dumitrescu, E. The consequences of aluminium sulphate intake on female rats organs and tissues (in utero period exposure). 6th International Symposium Federation of European Societies on Trace Elements and Minerals (FESTEM), 26-28.05.2016, Catania, Italy. Abstracts, p. 162.


272. Tenche-Constantinescu, RV; Tenche-Constantinescu, AM; Mosneang, CL; Cristina, RT; Borlea, GF. The impact of hydrotechnic constructions on the genetic variability of Chondrostoma nasus populations in Bega and Timis rivers. 16th International Multidisciplinary Science Geoconference, SGEM 2016, Book 5, Ecology, Economics, Education and Legislation; Ecology and Environmental Protection, 30.06-06.07.2016, Albena, Bulgaria, Proceedings, Vol. II(2):841-848. 

ISBN 978-619-7105-40-7 / ISSN 1314-2704.  

doi: 10.5593/SGEM2016/B52/S20.109

WOS: 000391519600109


273. Andor, B; Danciu, C; Alexa, E; Zupkó, I; Hogea, E; Cioca, A; Coricovac, A; Pinzaru, I; Patrascu, JM; Mioc, M; Cristina, RT; Soica, C; Dehelean, C. Germinated and ungerminated seeds extract from two Lupinus species: Biological compounds characterization, in vitro and in vivo evaluations. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (ISSN:1741-427X) (IF-1.931/Q2), Vol. 2016, Article ID 7638542, 8 pages.

WOS: 000391612200001


274 (164). Cristina, RT; Chirila, A; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F. Mic ghid practic de medicatie a afectului digestiv la animale.  Medicamentul Veterinar / Veterinary Drug (ISSN:2069-2463), 2016, 10(2):9-38.

ICID: 1225639  


275 (165). Cristina, RT. Profesorul Dr. Dr. h.c. Ironim Suteu la 90 de ani. Medicamentul Veterinar / Veterinary Drug (ISSN:2069-2463), 2016, 10(2):89.

ICID: 1225649


276 (166). Brezovan, D; Muselin, F; Savici, J; Dumitrescu, E; Cristina, RT. Histological aspects of rats pancreas in alloxan induced diabetes mellitus after Yellow Dock (Rumex crispus L.) and Goji berry (Lycium barbarum L.) administration. Lucrari Stiintifice Medicina Veterinara Timisoara, (ISSN:1221-5295), 49(1):43-49.


Published in 2017 (JCR values 2016)                       


277 (167). Cristina, RT*; Hanganu, F; Lazar, R; Constantin, A; Tulcan C; Morar D; Stef, D; Hutu I. Prevalence of steroid hormone residues by GC-MS/MS screening in animal matrices in Romania. Romanian Biotechnology Letters, (ISSN:1224-5984), 2017, (IF-0.396), 2017, 22(1):12155-12162.

WOS: 000395934100001


278 (168). Chiurciu, C; Chiurciu, V; Oporanu, M; Patrascu, IV; Mihai, I; Tablica, M; Cristina, RT*. PC2 ovotransferrin: Characterization and alternative immunotherapeutic activity. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, (ISSN:1741-427X), (IF-1.74), 2017, Article ID 8671271, 11 pages. 

doi: org/10.1155/2017/8671271

WOS: 000398556600001                                           


279 (169).  Lorin, D; Teusdea, V; Mitranescu, E; Muselin, F; Dumitrescu, E; Stancu, AC; Militaru, D; Cristina RT*. The hazardous activity of yeasts embedded in biofilm and planktonic estimated through the effectiveness of four commonly used biocidal conditionings. Materiale Plastice, (ISSN:0025-5289) (IF-0.778), 2017, 54(2):239-243.

WOS: 000408702100009


280 (170).  Stancu, A; Ghise, A; Pentea, M; Velimirovici, DE; Pasca, S; Carpinisan, L; Cristina, RT. Hematoxylin - eosin - Staining in a Dog Polyarteritys Nodosa. Materiale Plastice, (ISSN:0025-5289) (IF-0.778), 2017, 54(2):302-303. 

WOS: 000408702100023


281 (171). Cristina, RT*; Chirila, AB. Elemente de farmaco-terapia urgentelor in practica medicala veterinara.  Pharmacotherapeutic elements of emergencies in veterinary practice. Practica,  (ISSN:2069-1548), 2017, 26(1):38-45.


282 (172). Lorin, D; Cristina, RT*, Teusdea, V; Mitranescu, E; Muselin, F; Butnariu, M; David, Gh; Dumitrescu, E. Efficiency of four currently used decontamination conditionings in Romania against Aspergillus and Candida strains. Journal de Mycologie Medicale (ISSN:1156-5233), 2017, (IF-1.269), 27(3):357-363.

WOS: 000413795500009-363


283. Chirila, AB; Negroiu, BC; Popescu, R; Cristina, RT; Dumitrescu, E. Pharmacotherapeutic activity of Ginger and Hollyhock extracts on HepG2 cell line. Lucrari Stiintifice Medicina Veterinara, 2017, 50(2):47-58.


284 (173). Pap, A; Brezovan, D; Savici, J; Muselin, F; Dumitrescu, E; Mosneang, CL; Chirila, AB; Cristina, RT. Cardiac histological alterations in adult mice with orally induced hyperthyroidism. Lucrari Stiintifice Medicina Veterinara, 2017, 50(2):204-212.


285 (174). Cristina, RT; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Chirila, A; Doma, AO; Pap, A, Hulea, CI. Mic ghid de terapie in afectul respirator la animaleMedicamentul Veterinar / Veterinary Drug (ISSN:2069-2463), 2017, 11(1):3-38.

ICID: 1240829


286 (175). Muselin, F; Dumitrescu, E; Berbecea, A; Doma, AO; Brezovan, D; Savici, J; Trif, A; Cristina, RT. The effect of cisplatin administration on some trace elements homeostasis in rats and the protective effect of silver birch (Betula pendula) sap. TEMA-16/ISTERH/NTES Abstracts. Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology (ISSN:0946-672X) (IF-3.225) 41S; (2017); p. 36.

WOS: 000403997200001                                                                                                          


287. Doma, AO; Trif, A; Muselin, F; Cristina, RT; Dumitrescu, E. Disrupting effect of aluminium sulphate on sexual hormones in female rats (suckling period exposure). TEMA-16/ISTERH/NTES Abstracts. Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology (ISSN:0946-672X) (IF-3.225) 41S; (2017); p. 41.

WOS: 000403997200001


288 (176). Stancu, CA; Carpinisan, L; Ghise, A; Marcu, A; Pentea, M; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Militaru, D; Cristina, RT*. Clinical Chemistry, Haematology, Immune Response and Histological Evaluation of Rabbits After Immunisation and Challenge With Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD) Virus. World Rabbit Science (ISSN:1257-5011), (IF-0.583), 2017, 25(4): In press.




289. Stef, DS; Gergen, I; Trasca, TI; Rivis, A; Stef, L; Cristina, RT; Druga M; Pet, I. Assessing the influence of various factors on antioxidant activity of medicinal herbs. Romanian Biotechnology Letters, (ISSN:1224-5984), (IF-0.396), 2017, 22(4):12842-12846.

WOS: 000408423600020


290 (177). Stancu, A; Carpinisan, L; Ghise, A; Pentea, M; Berceanu Vaduva, DM; Velimirovici, DE; Cristina, RT. Hematoxylin - Eosin - Methylene Blue Staining in a Dog Hepatic Amyloidosis Case. Materiale Plastice, (ISSN:0025-5289) (IF-0.778), 2017, 54(3):546-548. 



291 (178). Lorin, D; Teusdea, V; Mitranescu, E; Danes, M; Stef, L; Mosneang, CL; Cristina, RT*. The mycobiota composition in eight Romanian representative poultry and swine farms. Romanian Biotechnology Letters, (ISSN:1224-5984), (IF-0.396), 2017, 22(5):12961-12971.



292. Mochel, J; Tydén, E; Hellmann, K; Vendrig, D; Senel, S; Dencker, L; Cristina, RT; Linden, H; Schmerold, I. Network on Veterinary Medicines initiated by the European Federation For Pharmaceutical Sciences. Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, (ISSN:1365-2885)(IF:1.202/Q2), 2017, 40() 

doi: 10.1111/jvp.12472  In press                        


293. Muselin, F; Cristina, RT; Dumitrescu, E; Doma, AO; Chirila, A; Pap, A; Trif, A. Concentration of aluminium in different tissues and organs of rats with alloxan induced diabetes mellitus. Lucrari Stiintifice Medicina Veterinara, 2017, 50(2):164-171.


294 (179). 


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