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Publicate in 2020 (*JCR 2019)


330 (210). Cristina, RT*; Kocsis, R; Tulcan, C; Alexa, E; Boldura, OM; Hulea CI; Dumitrescu, E; Radulov, i; Muselin, F. Protein structure of the venom in nine species of snake: from bio-compounds to possible healing agents. Braz J Med Biol Res(ISSN:1414-431X)(IF-2.59/Q2), 53(1):e9001, 7 pages.



331. Tirziu E; Barbalan, G; Morar, A; Herman, V; Cristina, RTImre, K. Occurrence and antimicrobial susceptibility profile of Salmonella spp. in raw and ready-to-eat foods and Campylobacter spp. in retail raw chicken meat in Transylvania, Romania. Foodborne Pathogens and Disease, (ISSN:1535-3141)(IF-3.171/Q2), 2020, 17(8):479-484.



332 (211). Cristina, RT*; Mederle, N; Soreanu, M; Moruzi, RF; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Darau, AP; Imre, K; Militaru, M. The efficiency of a phytotherapeutic association to combat nosemosis in honey bees in Romania. Rev Rom Med Vet (ISSN:1220-3173)(indexed in WOS), 2020, 30(1):13-18.



333Bucur, I; Dumitrescu, V; Imre, K; Herman, V; Nichita, I; Cristina, RT; Tîrziu, E. Research on the frequency of resistance phenotypes in bacterial strains isolated from chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra carpatica). Rev Rom Med Vet (ISSN:1220-3173) (indexed in WOS), 30(1):66-70.



334 (212). Mohamed, E; Bordean, DM; Radulov, I; Moruzi, RF; Hulea, IC; Orasan-Alic, S; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Herman, H; Brezovan, D; Hermenean, A; Cristina, RT*. Seabuckthorn and grape antioxidant effects in hyperlipidemic rats: relationship with the atorvastatin therapy. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (ISSN:1741-427X) (IF-2.629/Q2), e-Collection 2020, Article ID1736803, pages 7.

Special issue: Natural products and tissue repair: identification, relevance and applicability



335Bagiu, RV; Sarac, I; Radu F; Cristina, RT; Butnariu, M; Bagiu, IC. Chemical Transformations of Synthetic Persistent Substances. In: Bhat R, Hakeem K, Saud Al-Saud N (Eds.) Bioremediation and Biotechnology, 3:65-103. Springer, Cham, 2020, (ISBN:978-3-030-46074-7; ISBN:978-3-030-46075-4).


336 (213). Cristina, RT; Kovačević, Z; Cincović, M; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Imre, K; Militaru, D; Mederle, N; Radulov, I; Hadaruga, N; Puvača, K. Composition and Efficacy of a Natural Phytotherapeutic Blend Against Nosemosis in Honey Bees. Sustainability (ISSN:2071-1050)(IF-3.251/Q2), 2020, 12(14):5868. 




337. Stancu, A; Ghise, A; Pentea, M; Pasca, S; Carpinisan, L; Petcu, M; Degi, J; Berceanu-Vaduva, DM; Cristina, RT; Velimirovici, DE; Cristina, RT; Tulcan, C. Contributions regarding the use of immunohistochemical examination in parvovirosis. Revista de Chimie (ISSN:2668-8212) (IF-1.755/Q3), 2020, 71(7):491-496.



338. Stancu, A; Cristina, RT; Ghise, A; Pentea, M; Pasca, S; Carpinisan, L; Hulea, A; Degi, J, Berceanu-Vaduva, DM; Velimirovici, DE; Tulcan C. Contribution Regarding the Use of Immunohistochimical Examination in Hemangiosarcoma. Revista de Chimie (ISSN:2668-8212) (IF-1.755/Q3), 2020, 71(8):323-326.



339 (214). Savici, J; Cristina, RT*; Brezovan, D; Radulov, I; Balta, C; Boldura, OM; Muselin, F. Aronia melanocarpa ameliorates adrenal cytoachitecture aginst the hexavalent chromium - induced injury. Biological Trace Element Research (ISSN:0163-4984)(IF-3.738/Q3), Epub 2020 Oct 01, 199(8):2936-2944. 




340 (215). Doma, AO; Popescu, R; Mituletu, M; Muntean, D; Degi, J; Boldea MV; Radulov, I; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Puvaca, N; Cristina, RT*. Comparative evaluaion of qnrA, qnrB and qnrS genes in Enterobacteriaceae ciprofoxacin resistant cases, in swine units and a hospital from Western Romania. Antibiotics-Basel (ISSN:2079-6382)(IF-4.639/Q2), 2020, 9(10):698.




341 (216). Markovzky, AD; Weber, C; Biksi, O; Danes, M; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Tufarelli, V; Puvaca, N; Cristina, RT*. Is ECLIA serum cortisol concentration measurement, an accurate indicator of pain severity in dogs with locomotor pain? Animals (ISSN 2076-2615)(IF-2.752/Q1), 10(11):2036.




342 (217). Mohamed, EA; Tulcan, C; Alexa, E; Morar, D; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Radulov, I; Puvača, N; Cristina, RT*. Sea buckthorn and grape extract might be helpful sustainable phyto-resources as associated hypolipidemic agents - Preliminary study. Sustainability (ISSN:2071-1050)(IF-3.251/Q2), 2020, 12(21):9297.




343 (218). Cristina, RT*; Moruzi, RF; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Doma, AO. Introducere in rezistenta la antimicrobienele utilizate in medicina veterinara. Medicamentul Veterinar/ Veterinary Drug. (ISSN:2069-2463),14(1):10-28. 


344 (219). Cristina, RT*; Moruzi RF; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Doma AO. Modalitati de instalare a rezistentei la antimicrobiene si studierea eficacitatii antimicrobienelor. Medicamentul Veterinar/Veterinary Drug. (ISSN:2069-2463), 14(1):30-40.


345 (220). Cristina, RT*; Moruzi, RF; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Doma AO. Raspunsul microorganismelor la tratamentele antimicrobiene. Medicamentul Veterinar/Veterinary Drug. (ISSN:2069-2463), 14(1):42-54.


346 (221). Cristina, RT*; Moruzi, RF; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Doma AO. Consumul de antimicrobiene, impactul economic si social al rezistentei. Medicamentul Veterinar/Veterinary Drug. (ISSN:2069-2463), 14(1):56-65.


347 (222). Cristina, RT*; Moruzi, RF; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Doma, AO. Utilizarea responsabila a antimicrobienelor, noi mijloace si strategii impotriva fenomenului RAM. Medicamentul Veterinar/Veterinary Drug. (ISSN:2069-2463), 14(1):67-76.


348. Mihailov, S; Mihoc, N; Lalescu, D; Cristina, RT; Voia, S; Grozea, A. Could sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus) as polyculture species to positively influence the pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) farming in recirculating aquaculture systems? Scientific Papers. Series D. Animal Science. (Indexed in WOS). 2020, LXIII (2):492-496. 



349 (223). Orasan-Alic, SA; Mohamed, EA; Moruzi, RF; Cristina RT. Effect of Sea buckthorn used in phytotherapy of hyperlipidemic rats treated with atorvastatin - histological aspect. Scientific Symposium "Young People and Multidisciplinary Research in Applied Life Sciences", 27 November 2020, Timisoara.


350 (224). Markovszky, AK; Cristina, RT. Elemente de nocicepție la caine și tehnici terapeutice veterinare de recuperare. Medicamentul Veterinar/Veterinary Drug. (ISSN:2069-2463), 2020, 14(2):4-36.


351 (225). Markovszky, AK; Cristina, RT. Elemente de farmacoterapia afecțiunilor sistemului locomotor. Medicamentul Veterinar/Veterinary Drug. (ISSN:2069-2463), 2020, 14(2): 38-58.


352 (226). Simon, CP; Motoc, AGM; Simon,GA; Brezovan, D; Muselin, F; Cristina, RT*; Bratu, DC. Gingival proliferative growth – stress and cytoarchitecture related with fixed and mobile orthodontic therapy. Romanian Journal of Morphology and Embryology (ISSN:2066–8279)(IF-1.033/Q4), 2020, 61(4):1287-1294.

doi: 10.47162/RJME.61.4.29


Publicate in 2021 (*JCR 2020)

353. Moza, AC; Obiștioiu, D; Mastoraki-Lamprini, M; Nichita, I; Gros, RV; Moț, D; Bucur, I; Cristina, RT; Tirziu, E. The efficacy of two essential oils on Streptococcus pyogenes. Multidisciplinary Conference on Sustainable Development, 20-21 May 2021, Timisoara. LIV. ():


354 (227). Markovszky, AK; Szabo, JA, Mărgineanu, VA; Muselin F; Dumitrescu, E; Cristina RT*. The value of a combined drug and laser therapy protocol in lameness monitored with thermographic means – a clinical study in 20 horses. Rev Rom Med Vet (ISSN:1220-3173) (indexed in WOS), 2021, 31(2):47-52.



355 (228). Dégi, J; Motco, OA; Dégi, DM; Suici, T; Mares, M; Imre, K; Cristina, RT*Antibiotic Susceptibility Profile of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Canine Isolates from A Multicentric Study in Romania. Antibiotics-Basel, (ISSN:2079-6382)(IF-3.893/Q2), 2021, 10(7):846, pages 12, doi:10.3390/antibiotics10070846  



356 (229). Cristina, RT. Implicațiile noului Regulament (U.E.) 2019/6 privind produsele medicinale veterinare în activitatea medicilor veterinari practicieni. Medicamentul Veterinar/ Veterinary Drug (ISSN:2069-2463), 2021, 15(1):4-20.


357 (230). Orasan, AS; Moruzi, RF; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Doma, AO; Vlad, C; Mohamed, EA; Cristina, RT. Angelica keiskei – caracterizare si activitate biologica. Medicamentul Veterinar/ Veterinary Drug (ISSN:2069-2463), 2021, 15(1):22-31.


358 (231). Moruzi, RF; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Doma, AO; Vlad, C; Mohamed, EA; Orasan, AS; Cristina, RT. Grupele de substante antifungice cu rol in sanatatea animalelor – sinteza. Medicamentul Veterinar/ Veterinary Drug (ISSN:2069-2463), 2021, 15(1):33-64.


359Brezovan, D.; Muselin, F.; Cristina, RT; Dumitrescu, E; Savici, J. The effects of aqueous extracts of Silybum marianum and Hyppophae rhamnoides on rat liver in alloxane-induced diabetes. Lucr. St. Med. Vet., Timisoara (ISSN:2668-2435), 2021, LIV (2):15-21.


360 (232). Baroga, M.; Brezovan, D; Savici, J; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Orasan-Alic, SA; Moruzi, RFCristina RT*. Evaluating the effects of lead on sterlet larvae (Acipenser ruthenus) – a cytohistologic study. Rev Rom Med Vet (ISSN:1220-3173)(indexed in WOS), 2021, 31(3):25-33.



361 (233). Markovszky, AK; Danes, M; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Stancu, AC; Becskei, Z; Puvača, N; Cristina, RT*. The importance of professional based questionnaire in the dog’s acute and chronic pain evaluation. Journal of Hellenic Veterinary Medicine Society (ISSN:1792-2720)(IF-0.477/Q4), 2020, 73(3): 



362 (234). Cristina, RT*; Kocsis, R; Degi, J; Muselin, F; Dumitrescu, E; Tirziu, E; Herman, V; Darau, A; Oprescu, I. Pathology and carriage of antibiotic-resistant bacteria: a study on 398 pet reptiles. Acta Veterinaria Hungarica (ISSN:0236-6290)(IF-0.995/Q3), 2020, 68(4):



363 (235). Baroga, M; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Moruzi, RF; Orasan-Alic, SA; Doma AOCristinaRT*. Investigation of some essential pollutants in 15 locations throughout the Jiu river. Rev Rom Med Vet (ISSN:1220-3173) (indexed in WOS), 2021, 31(4): 

Accepted for publication.




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