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Published in 2021 (JCR 2020)

353. Moza, AC; Obiștioiu, D; Mastoraki-Lamprini, M; Nichita, I; Gros, RV; Mot, D; Bucur, I; Cristina, RT; Tirziu, E. The efficacy of two essential oils on Streptococcus pyogenes. Multidisciplinary Conference on Sustainable Development, 20-21 May 2021, Timisoara. Lucr. St. Med. Vet., Timisoara, 2021, LIV(3):97-104.


354 (230). Markovszky, AK; Szabo, JA, Mărgineanu, VA; Muselin F; Dumitrescu, E; Cristina RT*. The value of a combined drug and laser therapy protocol in lameness monitored with thermographic means – A clinical study in 20 horses. Rev Rom Med Vet (ISSN:1220-3173) (indexed in WOS), 2021, 31(2):47-52.



355 (231). Dégi, J; Motco, OA; Dégi, DM; Suici, T; Mares, M; Imre, K; Cristina, RT*Antibiotic Susceptibility Profile of Pseudomonas aeruginosa canine isolates from a multicentric study in Romania. Antibiotics-Basel, (ISSN:2079-6382)(IF-3.893/Q2), 2021, 10(7):846, pages 12, doi:10.3390/antibiotics10070846  



356 (232). Cristina, RT*. Implicațiile noului Regulament (U.E.) 2019/6 privind produsele medicinale veterinare în activitatea medicilor veterinari practicieni. Med Vet/Vet Drug (ISSN:2069-2463), 2021, 15(1):4-20.


357 (233). Orasan, AS; Moruzi, RF; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Doma, AO; Vlad, C; Mohamed, EA; Cristina, RT*Angelica keiskei – caracterizare si activitate biologica. Med Vet/Vet Drug (ISSN:2069-2463), 2021, 15(1):22-31.


358 (234). Moruzi, RF; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Doma, AO; Vlad, C; Mohamed, EA; Orasan, AS; Cristina, RT*. Grupele de substante antifungice cu rol in sanatatea animalelor – sinteza. Med Vet/Vet Drug (ISSN:2069-2463), 2021, 15(1):33-64.


359Brezovan, D.; Muselin, F.; Cristina, RT*; Dumitrescu, E; Savici, J. The effects of aqueous extracts of Silybum marianum and Hyppophae rhamnoides on rat liver in alloxane-induced diabetes. Lucr. St. Med. Vet., Timisoara (ISSN:2668-2435), 2021, LIV(2):15-21.


360 (235). Markovszky, AK; Danes, M; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Stancu, AC; Becskei, Z; Puvača, N; Cristina, RT*. The importance of professional based questionnaire in the dog’s acute and chronic pain evaluation. J Hellenic Vet Med Soc., (ISSN:1792-2720)(IF-0.477/Q4), 2021, 72(3):3229-3238.


WOS: 000713498000029


361. Trifan, A; Simon, VL; Bostanaru, AS; Brebu, M; Jitareanu, A; Cristina, RT; Skalicka-Wozniak, K; Granica, S; Czerwinska, ME; Kruk, A; Greige-Gerges, H; Sieniawska, E; Mares, M. Apiaceae essential oils: boosters of terbafine activity against dermatophytes and potent anti-inflamatory. Plants (ISSN:2223-7747)(IF-3.935/Q1), 2021, 10(11): 2378



362 (236). Degi, J; Imre, K; Herman, V; Bucur, I; Radulov, I; Petrec, OC; Cristina, RT. Antimicrobial drug-resistant Salmonella in urban cats: is there an actual risk for public health? Antibiotics-Basel, (ISSN:2079-6382)(IF-4.639/Q2), 2021, 10(11): 1404.




363 (237). Baroga, M.; Brezovan, D; Savici, J; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Orasan-Alic, SA; Moruzi, RFCristina RT*. Evaluating the effects of lead on sterlet larvae (Acipenser ruthenus) – a cytohistologic study. Rev Rom Med Vet (ISSN:1220-3173)(indexed in WOS), 2021, 31(3):25-33.



364 (238). Baroga, M; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Moruzi, RF; Orasan-Alic, SA; Doma AOCristinaRT*. Investigation of some essential pollutants in 15 locations throughout the Jiu river. Rev Rom Med Vet (ISSN:1220-3173) (indexed in WOS), 2021, 31(4):63-74.



365 (239). Kracunovic, CM; Dumitrescu, E; Moruzi, R.F; Orasan-Alic, SA, Cristina, RT*Studiul incipient al efectelor fitoterapeutice ale paducelului (Crataegus monogynaMed Vet/Vet Drug. (ISSN:2069-2463), 2021, 15(2):4-12.


366 (240). Dumitrescu, E; Cristina, RT*. Elemente de tehnici de fizioterapie la animale. Med Vet/Vet Drug. (ISSN:2069-2463), 2021, 15(2):14-26.


367 (241). Orasan-Alic, SA; Moruzi, RF; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Doma, AO; Kracunovic, CM; Mohamed AE; Cristina, RT*. Medicamente si tratamente alternative pentru ulcerul peptic. Med Vet/Vet Drug. (ISSN:2069-2463), 2021, 15(2):28-42.


368 (242). Moruzi, RF; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Doma, AO; Kracunovic, CM; Mohamed, AE; Orasan-Alic, SA; Cristina, RT. Abordari terapeutice alternative in terapia antifungica in contextul rezistentei la antifungicele conventionaleMed Vet/Vet Drug, (ISSN:2069-2463), 2021, 15(2):44-61.


369 (243). Dumitrescu, E; Kracunovic, CM; Orasan-Alic, SA; Moruzi, RF; Doma, AO; Muselin, F; Cristina, RT. Study of volatile compounds and antimicrobial activity of Thuja essential oilsMed Vet/Vet Drug. (ISSN:2069-2463), 2021, 15(2):63-75.


370 (244). Baroga, M; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Orasan-Alic, SA; Doma, AO; Moruzi, RF; Cristina, RT*Evaluation of physico-chemical parameters of the risk of pollution of the Jiu river in Gorj and Dolj countiesMed Vet/Vet Drug. (ISSN:2069-2463), 2021, 15(2):77-88.


371 (245). Dumitrescu, E; Harfas, C; Kracunovic, CM; Orasan-Alic, SA; Moruzi, RF; Mohamed, AE; Doma, AO; Muselin, F; Cristina, RT*. The antimicrobial activity of a propolis extractMed Vet/Vet Drug. (ISSN:2069-2463), 2021, 15(2):90-104.


372. Hulea C; Mosneang, C; Craciun, I; Cristina, RT; Brezovan, D; Pentea, M. Histological aspects of main acupoints used for locomotor disorders. Lucr. St. Med. Vet., Timisoara (ISSN:2668-2435), 2021, LIV(4):78-87.


373 (246). Doma, AO; Moruzi, RF; Muselin, F; Dumitrescu, E; Herman, V; Oprescu, I; Cristina, RT*. A screening of mortality evolution in 49 pig farms in Western Romania. Rev Rom Med Vet (ISSN:1220-3173) (indexed in WOS), 2021, 31(4):57-62.



Published in 2022 (*JCR 2021)


374. Goilean, GV; Cristina, RT; Doma, AO; Dumitrescu, E; Mizeranschi, AE; Moruzi, RF; Degi, DM; Orasan, SA; Neamț, RI;  Muselin, F. Introduction of Mineral TS in a normal fertilization protocol and the influence on the fertility and levels of some bio-elements in cattle. Animal Husbandry and Fodder Production(UDC 636.085:577.11)2022, 104(4):32-38.


375 (247). Cristina, RT*; Kocsis, R; Degi, J; Muselin, F; Dumitrescu, E; Tirziu, E; Herman, V, Darau, A; Oprescu, I.  Pathology and prevalence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria: A study of 398 pet reptiles. Animals, (ISSN 2076-2615) IF-3.231/Q1), 2022, 12(10):1279.



376 (248). Muselin, F; Cristina, RT*; Dumitrescu, E; Doma, AO; Radulov, I; Berbecea, AA; Horablaga, A; Morariu, FE; Manea, DN; Horablaga, DN. Quercetin beneficial role in homeostatic variation of certain trace elements in dyslipidemic mice. Ev Based Complement Alternat MedECAM (ISSN:1741-427X) (IF-2.65/Q3), 2022, Article ID:3299505, pages 10.




377 (249). Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Dumitrescu, CS; Orasan-Alic, SA; Moruzi, RF; Doma, AO; Mohamed, EA; Cristina, RT*Juniper communis essential oils from Western Romanian Carpathians: Bio-structure and effective antibacterial activity. Appl Sci, (ISSN:2076-3417), (IF-2.838/Q2)12(6):2949.



378 (250). Mohamed, EA; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Moruzi, RF; Orasan-Alic, SA; Cristina, RT*The phytotherapy effect on liver’s cytoarchitecture of high-fat diet rats treated with statins. Rev Rom Med Vet (ISSN:1220-3173) (indexed in WOS), 2022, 32(1):21-36.



379 (251). Doma, AO; Cristina RT*, Muselin, F; Dumitrescu, E; Dégi, J; Imre, K; Boldea, M; Vlad, DC; Popescu, R; Cimporescu,A; Bratu, DC. The role of methyl-(Z)-11-tetradecenoate acid from bacterial membrane lipid composition in Escherichia coli antibiotic resistance. Special issue: Antibiotic resistance in multi-drug resistant pathogens, BioMed Res Int(ISSN:2314-6141) (IF-3.246/Q3), 2022, Article ID: 6028045.



380 (252). Cristina, RT*; Baroga, M; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Doma, AO, Manea, D; Banatean-Dunea, I. Using Eisenia fetida as bio-risk for a qualitative test with evaluation from a Romanian river environment. Biology (ISSN:2079-7737) (IF-5.168/Q1), 2022, 11(6):802.



381. Imre, K; Ban-Cucerzan, A; Herman, V; Sallam, KI; Cristina, RT; Abd-Elghany, SM; Morar, D; Popa, SA; Imre, M; Morar, A. Occurrence, pathogenic potential and antimicrobial resistance of Escherichia coli isolates in raw milk cheese commercialized in Banat region, RomaniaAntibiotics (ISSN:2079-6382) (5.222/Q1), 2022, 11(6): 721.




382 (253). Dégi, J; Herman, V; Igna, V; Degi, DM; Hulea, A; Muselin, F; Cristina RT. Antibacterial activity of Romanian propolis against Staphylococcus aureus isolated from dogs with superficial pyoderma: in vitro test. Vet Sci (ISSN:2306-7381)(IF-2.518/Q2), 2022, 9(5), Article ID: 299.


383 (254). Pap, A; Mosneang, CL; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Doma, AO; Cristina, RT*. The efficacy of a unique topical dose of methimazole in cats - A case presentation. Med Vet/Vet Drug. (ISSN:2069-2463), 2022, 16(1):85-93.


384 (255). Cristina, RT*. Implicatiile & dimensiunea fenomenului rezistentei la produsele  antiinfectioase a.u.v. in Romania. Med Vet/Vet Drug. (ISSN:2069-2463), 2022, 16(1):50-75.


385. Goilean, G; Cristina, RT; Doma, AO; Dumitrescu, E; Moruzi, R; Degi, D; Orasan, S; Muselin, F. Effects of glycine chelated Zn, Cu, Mn and Fe supplementation on some milk parameters and serum trace elements levels in dairy cows. Animal Husbandry and Fodder Production (ISSN:2658-3135), 2022, 105(3):35-39.


386 (256). Chirila, AB; Vlaia, L; Dumitrescu, E; Folescu, M; Cristina, RT. Caracterizarea reologica si evaluarea fizica a unui unguent cu extract alcoolic de turmeric si ghimbir. Rheological characterization and physical evaluation of an ointment with alcoholic extract of turmeric and ginger. Practica (e-ISSN 2502-0366), 2022, 38(4/2022).

doi: 10.26416/PV.38.4.2022.7276


387 (257). Cristina, RT. Noutati în redactarea prescriptiilor medical veterinare. Med Vet/Vet Drug. (ISSN:2069-2463), 2022, 16(2):3-14.


388 (258). Orasan,AS; Moruzi, FR; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; DomaAO; Vlad, C; Folescu, MCristina, RTPatogenia gastritei - O abordare completă a mecanismelor patologice, a modificărilor histologice, de la nivelul mucoasei gastrice și clasificarea leziunilor gastriceMed Vet/ Vet Drug. (ISSN:2069-2463), 2022, 16(2):16-31.


389 (259). Folescu, M; Dumitrescu, E; Orasan, AS; Muselin, F; Doma, AO, Cristina, RT. Plasmidele bacteriene – factori de rezistenta antimicrobiana. Med Vet/Vet Drug. (ISSN:2069-2463), 2022, 16(2):33-42.


390 (260). Doma, DAM; Muselin, F; Dumitrescu, E; Mitroi, EF; Doma, AO; Orasan, AS; Folescu, M; Cristina RT. Principalele afectiuni tumorale la caini si pisici. Med Vet/Vet Drug. (ISSN:2069-2463), 2022, 16(2):44-56.


391. Oprea, DGF; Brezovan, D; Muselin, F; Doma, AO; Folescu, M; Orasan, AS; Cristina, RT; Dumitrescu, E. Evaluation of the efficacy of Centella asiatica 5% alcoholic extract ointment in thermal trauma in mice. Med Vet/Vet Drug. (ISSN:2069-2463), 2022, 16(2):58-62.

392 (261). Mohamed, AE; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Doma, AO; Cristina, RT*. Hypolipidemic effect of atorvastatin and phytotherapy on rat prostate - A histological study. Med Vet/Vet Drug. (ISSN:2069-2463), 2022, 16(2):64-84.


393 (262). Hulea, C; Pentea, M; Mosneang, CL; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Doma, AO; Cristina, RT*The acupoints' biophysical features after the dry acupuncture and allopathic treatment in dog's spondylosis deformans. Rev Rom Med Vet (ISSN:1220-3173) (indexed in WOS), 2022, 32(4):59-66.  


Published in 2023 (*JCR 2022)

394. Savici, J; Boldura, OM; Balta, C; Muselin, F; Mederle, N; Cristina, RT; Brezovan, D. Effects of Aronia melanocarpa and Hypericum perforatum aqueous extracts on hexavalent chromium induced toxicity in rat’s thyrocytes. J Trace Elem Med Biol. (JTEMB), (ISSN:0946-672X) (IF-3.995/Q2) Available online 11 March 2023, ID. 127151,



395. Diana-Maria Dégi, DM; Imre, K; Herman, V; Dégi, J; Cristina, RT; Marcu, A; Morariu,F; Muselin F. Antimicrobial activity of Sempervivum tectorum L. extract on pathogenic bacteria isolated from otitis externa of dogs. Vet Sci (ISSN:2306-7381) (IF-2.518/Q2). 2022, 10: 265. 



396 (263). Tirziu, E; Bulucea, AV; Imre, K; Nichita, I; Muselin, F; Dumitrescu, E; Tirziu, A; Mederle, GN; Moza, A; Bucur, MI; Cristina, RT*. The behavior of some bacterial strains, isolated from the Fallow deer compared to antimicrobial substances in Western Romania. Antibiotics (ISSN:2079-6382) (5.222/Q1), 2023, 12(4): 743.



397 (264). Moruzi, RF; Morar, D; Vaduva, C; Boboc, MG; Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Puvača, N; Cristina, RT*. Leukogram patterns significance and prevalence for an accurate diagnosis in dogs. J Hellenic Vet Med Soc, (ISSN:1792-2720)(IF-0.516/Q4). 2023, 74(1):5193-5202.




398. Doma, AO; Cristina, RT; Dumitrescu, E; Degi, D; Moruzi, RF, Brezovan, D; Petroman, I; Muselin, F. The antioxidant effect of Aronia melanocarpa extract in rats oxidative stress induced by cisplatin administration. J Trace Elem Med Biol (JTEMB)(IF-3.995/Q2), 79(2023), ID:127205



399 (265). Dumitrescu, E; Muselin, F; Tîrziu, E; Folescu M; Dumitrescu, CS; Orboi, DM; Cristina, RT. Pimpinella Anisum L. Essential Oil a Valuable Antimicrobial and Antifungal Phyto-Remedy. Plants (ISSN 2223-7747) (IF-4.658/Q1), 2023, 12(12),



400 (266). Chirila, AB; Dumitrescu, E; Folescu, M; Cristina, RT*. Efficacy of CGT (Calendula-Ginger-Turmeric) Ointment in Bovine Papillomatosis. Practica, 2023, 40(2).



401 (267). Cristina, RT*. Implicatiile și dimensiunea comerțului cu medicamentele antiinfecțioase a.u.v. și Despre redactarea ordonanțelor medical veterinare în România. Medicamentul Veterinar / Veterinary Drug (ISSN:2069-2463). 2023, 17(1): 67-80.


402 (268). Dumitrescu, E; Folescu, M; Cristina, RT. Evaluation of the chemical composition and antimicrobial effect of Thuja essential oil.  Med Vet / Vet Drug (ISSN:2069-2463). 2023, 17(1): 100-105.


403. Oprea, DGF, Folescu, M, Orașan, AS; Cristina, RT, Dumitrescu, E. Evaluarea histologică a eficacității unguentului cu Centella asiatica și bisabolol în leziunile termice. Med Vet / Vet Drug (ISSN:2069-2463). 2023, 17(1): 107-111.


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