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Veterinary Drug / Medicamentul Veterinar Vol. 10(2) 2016

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Pasteur Romania - An emblematic landmark of the veterinary medicine for over 120 years

(In Romanian)

Victorita Burghelea


Medicamentul Veterinar / Veterinary Drug to 10 anniversary!

(In Romanian)

Valer Teusdea 


Continuous education


Small practical guide to digestive disorders medication in animals

(In Romanian)

Romeo T. Cristina, Chirila Andreia, Eugenia Dumitrescu, Florin Muselin


Requirements on clinical trials for veterinary pharmaceutical products for fish

(In Romanian)

Simona Sturzu, Alina Draghici, Daniela Tirsinoaga, Mariana Dumitrache,

Cristina Popica, Andreea Maftei


Biocidal products - Implications of their usage in the antibiotic-resistance initiation

(In Romanian)

Mariana Dumitrache, Alina Draghici, Simona Sturzu,

Daniela Tirsinoaga, Cristina Popica


Involvement of the Institute for Control of Biological Products and Veterinary Medicines to reduce the incidence and spread of antibiotic resistance

(In Romanian)

Alina Draghici, Simona Sturzu


Original papers


Determination by HPLC method of D-panthenol and glycyrrhetinic acid in a antiherpes herbal supplement

Elena Gabriela Oltean, G. Oltean, C. Chiurciu


Mathematical modeling for benzylpenicilin potassium and streptomycin sulphate potency determination of Ascomicin

Viviana Ciuca, Victorita Burghelea, V.V. Safta,

Despina Nita, Luciana Paraschiv


Mathematical modeling for erythromycin potency determination of Mastiker

Viviana Ciuca, Victorita Burghelea, V.V. Safta,

Despina Nita, Luciana Paraschiv




Limulus - Past, present and future

(In Romanian)

Alina Draghici, Simona Sturzu, Daniela Tirsinoaga,

Mariana Dumitrache, Andreea Maftei




Professor Dr.Dr.Hc Ironim Suteu at 90 years

(In Romanian)

Romeo T. Cristina


Instructions for Authors

(In Romanian)


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