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Veterinary Drug / Medicamentul Veterinar Vol. 10(1) 2016

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Romvac Company SA - Calitate, traditie si siguranta pentru sanatatea animalelor, omului si mediului si pentru asigurarea satisfactiei clientilor (In Romanian)

 Constantin Chiurciu


Continuous education


The action of thyroid hormones on the cardiovascular

and renal functions in thyroid disorders (In Romanian)

 Andreea Pap, Romeo T Cristina


  Small guide therapy with gold implant in animals (In Romanian)

 Abrudean E, Hulea CI, Abrudean M, Cristina RT 


 About canine babesiosis (In Romanian)

Andrei Nanu


Original papers 


Biochemical effect of curcumin on hyperlipidemia induced in rats

 Omayma AR, Ragab AD, Abdel-Majeed A, Hassanin KM, Abdelghaffar MM


Biochemical effect of Ginko biloba extract on carbohydrate metabolism

in (induced type two) diabetic rats

Omayma AR, Zaid A, Ali HA, EL-Regaily AFY


Development and validation of a HPLC method for the determination of amoxicillin trihydrate, colistin sulphate, nipasol and nipagin in an injectable suspension

Violeta Tauber, Viorica Chiurciu


Gold implant therapy of locomotor disorders in dogs - Case studies

 Abrudean E, Hulea CI, Abrudean M, Cristina RT


Editorial activity


Elemente de terapie alternativa si complementara in medicina veterinara

(Book reiew in Romanian)

Alexandra Trif


Instructions for Authors

(in Romanian)





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