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Veterinary Drug / Medicamentul Veterinar Vol. 8(2) 2014

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Our Association repport for 2014 (in Romanian)

Teusdea V

                                                                                                                Continuous education


Staphylococcus genus - A small practical guide (in Romanian)

Voichitoiu VR, Herman V, Degi J


The thyroid and the thyroid hormones (in Romanian)

Pap A, Chirila A, Cristina RT


Considerations on bone growth and development processes at the dento-maxillary level (in Romanian)

Grigorescu CC, Stanciu D, Stanciu R, Temelcea A


Original papers


Testing the Albendazole 10% effectiveness in gastrointestinal nematode parasitism in sheep

Hora FS, Mederle N, Badea C, Ilie M, Darabus G


Pollutants impact bioassay from waters and soils in Banat region

Mosneang CL, Alexandra Gruia A, Ordodi VL, Baloi A, Cristina RT


PRRS virus immunosuppressive influence on the immune response following Erysipelothrix rhusopathiae vaccination in pigs from different breeding systems

Chiurciu V, Stoica C, Raduta MM, Tudoran C, Diaconu L, Iacob I.




Observations on the relationship between the size of maxillary sinus detected on panoramic radiography and dental pathology

Grigorescu CC, Stanciu D, Stanciu R, Temelcea A


Parasites found in parakeets - Study on 167 birds

Voichitoiu VL, Herman V, Mederle V


Flap surgery in a green iguana (Iguana iguana) with a non-healing palmar wound

– a case presentation

Kocsis R, Nagy FP, Cristina RT







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