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Veterinary Drug / Medicamentul Veterinar Vol. 7(2) 2013


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Editors’ word

Romeo T. Cristina


Continuous education


Pharmacotherapy of hyperthyroidism in cats

Andreea Pap and Romeo T. Cristina


About the use of nano-therapeutic means in medicine

Andreia Bianca Chirila and Romeo T. Cristina


Report regarding the microbiological quality control of the veterinary pharmaceutical products during 2012

Simona Sturzu, Daniela Tirsinoaga, Ioana Tihulca, Mariana Dumitrache, Alina Draghici


Original papers


HPLC method for simultaneous determination of oxytocin and clorobutanol in injectable solutions

Ana Csuma, Despina Nita, Ana Cismileanu, Luciana Paraschiv


An alternative approach to cats epilepsy treatment – Case report

Liliana Carpinisan, Laura Ratiu, J. Degi, Alina Ghise

A validated HPLC method for determination of furazolidone and oxytetracycline in the presence of related substances

Violeta Giugiu




An analysis of water samples surrounding swine farms in Timis County – A practical guide

Crina Laura Mosneang, Ordodi V.L. and Cristina R.T.


Juvaenaes Alumni











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