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About Veterinary Drug / Medicamentul Veterinar (Ro.)

Valer Teusdea


Continuous education


About tablets and them use in veterinary medicine (Ro.)

Eugenia Dumitrescu, Romeo T. Cristina


Small guide in therapetic management of inflamation and colics in ecvines.

Romeo T. Cristina, Adrian Marcu - Gurban


European perspectives in the field of medicinal products (Ro.)

Simona Sturzu, Mirela Marinescu


Original articles


Simultaneous determination of related substances of oxytetracycline in pharmaceutical semi-solid form by HPLC method

Violeta Giugiu

Methodology for environmental risk assessment associated with the use of veterinary medicinal products

Ioana Valentina Tihulca 


Report concerning results of proficiency testing laboratory on assay of tobramycine and nystatin by microbiological method

Simona Sturzu, Daniela Tirsinoaga, Ioana Tihulca, Alina Karina Draghici




Therapeutic and lesional aspects of feline infectious peritonitis

Adrian C. Stancu


Therapeutic and post-lesional aspects of enzootic pneumonia in pigs

Adrian C. Stancu







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