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Veterinary Drug / Medicamentul Veterinar Vol. 6(1) 2012

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From life of National Association of Veterinary Products Manufacturers

from Romania (Ro.)

Valer Teusdea


Continuous education


Prescriptions writing in veterinary medicine (Ro.)

Romeo Teodor Cristina


New veterinary medicinal products authorised by centralised procedure (Ro.)

Simona Sturzu

Small guide to using drugs in laboratory animals, birds and reptiles (Ro.)

Viorica Chiurciu, Adina Faur (Baias), Eugenia Dumitrescu, Romeo T. Cristina


Guidelines for euthanasia of laboratory animals used in biomedical research (Ro.)

Adina Baias, Romeo T. Cristina, Viorica Chiurciu


Original papers


Terapeutic eficacity testing of Rombendazol 10% (Romvac) and Fasinex (Novartis)

in natural infestation with Fasciola hepatica at sheep from Bilbor, Harghita County

M. Tifrea, I. Oprescu, D. Indre, Mirela Imre, Gh. Darabus


 Juvenaes Alumni (Ro.)









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