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Veterinary Drug / Medicamentul Veterinar Vol. 4(2) 2010

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What we have achomplished in 2010 

Romeo T. Cristina, Valer Teusdea


Continuous education


Theoretical elements of veterinary therapeutics

Romeo T. Cristina,  Ivo Schmerold, Cosmin I. Tuns


Original papers


Contamination of food with residues of antibiotics in the sulphonamide class, risk can be avoided

Carmen Lidia Chitescu, Anca Nicolau


LC-MS/MS Analysis of albendazole and its metabolites in animal tissues 

Ana Csuma, Ana Cismileanu


Contributions to the humoral immunological profile in broiler chickens treated with 50% Amoxidem 

Danut Turcu, Mariana Oporanu,  Condur D., Grigorescu P., Mircea Roman


Analytical method (HPLC), validation used for identification and assay of the pharmaceutical active ingredient, Tylosin tartrate for veterinary use and its finite product Tilodem 50, hydrosoluble powder 

Maria Neagu


Development and validation of a RP-HPLC method for the quantisation studies of metronidazole and furazolidone from product Enteroguard M 

Elena Gabriela Oltean, Milea B


Veterinary medicinal products for the bees - the current situation and future strategies - an important topic discussed at European level  

Alina Karina Draghici, Anca Bitoiu, Lollita Taban


Comparative activity of some veterinary pharmaceutical products in swine dysentery 

Romeo T. Cristina, Roberto Villa, Olimpia-Ines Lupu (Pauta), Alexandru Doma


Juvaenaes alumni






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