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Veterinary Drug / Medicamentul Veterinar Vol. 3(2) 2009

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The Veterinary drug to three years from appeareance (ro.)
Valer Teusdea & Romeo T. Cristina

Continuous education 

Elements of veterinary pharmacovigilance
Romeo T. Cristina, Valer Teusdea, Sorin Paidac

Elements for identification of the prohibited practices in ecquines
Romeo T. Cristina, Alina Netotea, Diana Iacob–Obistioiu, Flavia Hanganu

UE organisms for the reglementation and market’s maintenance
of veterinary use products
Lolita Taban
, Iuliana Moloiu

Obtaining of the UE’s Fabrication Autorisation and of
Good Manufacturing Fabrication Practice
Rodica Morcov

Drug’s analithycal investigation
Romeo T. Cristina, Dumitru Tita, Eugenia Dumitrescu, Bogdan Tita

Evaluation of the risk for the medium of the veterinary medicinal products and the actual legislative requirements in the domain
Ioana Diaconu, Lollita Taban

Authorisation procedures for veterinary medicinal products and application types
Alina Karina Draghici, Lollita Taban

Original papers

Chromatographic study of Euphorbia cyparissias
Romeo T. Cristina, Flavius Faltinski

From activity of our members section (ro.)


Modernization and bacterial stem bank up dating of immuno prophylactic or diagnostic biopreparations designed for veterinary medicine in SN Pasteur Institute
Victorita Burghelea

Juvenaes alumni (ro.)













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