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Veterinary Drug / Medicamentul Veterinar Vol. 2(1) 2008

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Medicamentul veterinar / Veterinary Drug merge inainte! (ro.)

V. Teusdea, R.T. Cristina


Continuous education


Modern methods for cow’s oestrus inducing and synchronising

Vasile Ardelean


Equine gastric ulcer syndrome (egus): diagnosis and therapy

T. Mot, H. Sarandan, Cristina Petruse


Antibiotics: mechanisms of action

Anca Marculescu


Carnivore’s atopic dermatitis diagnose and therapy

Gheorghe Solcan


Therapeutic surveillance and the optimization of pharmacotherapy

Maria Crivineanu


The biodisponibility of drugs

Maria Crivineanu


Anthelmintic control strategies for equines strongylidosis

Mihai Cernea


Therapy in alergy and anaphylaxis

Romeo T. Cristina


Cat’s external otitis - diagnose and treatment

Degi J.


Molecular action mechanisms of the immunomodulators

Cristian Belteghi


E.U. veterinary drug’s legislation

Romeo T. Cristina


Europa info day 2008

Dezbatere cu privire la analiza risc - beneficiu pentru produsele medicinale veterinare organizate de EMEA si IFAH-Europa (ro.)

Cristian Duicu


Original works


In vitro testing of the some antibiotics efficiency on some E. coli strains isolated from avian farms

Veturia-Ileana Nueleanu, A.Chis


Researches on efficiency of Romvac’s company live vaccines used in rabies imunoprophylaxy in canides

Gugiu I. et al.


Enrofloxacine and ciprofloxacine residues pharmacokinetic values determined in poultry meat 

Vasile Trifan, Aurora Rotaru, Gheorghe Paraschiv, Nadejda Sidoruk


 The clasical swine fever vaccine - Pestivac M® dosage in wild boar’s baits

Stirbu C., Valeria Gruia, Stanuica D., Militaru D




Platforma de formare si cercetare interdisciplinara agricultura ecologica, durabila si siguranta alimentara USAMVB Timisoara (ro.)

Camelia Tulcan


 Un eveniment de exceptie la USAMVB Timisoara (ro.)

Romeo T. Cristina









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