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Veterinary Drug / Medicamentul Veterinar Vol. 12(2) 2018


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Editor's word (in Romanian)

Romeo T. Cristina


Continous education


Pharmacotherapeutic elements in the osteoarticular algia in dog (in Romanian) 

Calin I. Hulea, Romeo T. Cristina


Using the principles of medical recovery in veterinary practice (in Romanian)

Georgian M. Bobe, Diana M. Alexandru, Maria Crivineanu


Original papers


Demonstrating the antinociceptive action of renin-angiotensin system modulators in mice

R.N. Rusu, Daniela Carmen Ababei, Gabriela D. Stanciu, Luca A., Popescu R.I., Veronica Bild


Algorithm of calculation of predicted concentration (PEC) for evaluation of the environmental risk of veterinary medicinal products

Viviana Ciuca, V.V. Safta, Romeo T. Cristina


Monitoring and therapeutics of joint pain in dogs

Calin I. Hulea, Romeo T. Cristina




About tarantula - possible uses in medicine (in Romanian)

Diana Cimpian, Romeo T. Cristina


Study of some contention techniques for gathering tarantula venom

Cimpian Diana, Schuszler Larisa, Cristina T. Romeo


The farmacokinetics of cytostatic substances (in Romanian) 

Diana M. Alexandru, Maria Crivineanu, Razvan Dobre


In memoriam


In memoriam, to my mentor (in Romanian) 

Romeo T. Cristina


About the book: About reptiles - A small guide for the passionate (in Romanian) 

Eugenia Dumitrescu



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