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Veterinary Drug / Medicamentul Veterinar Vol. 11(2) 2017

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Medicamentul Veterinar / Veterinary Drug - a success story (in Romanian)

Romeo T. Cristina


Continuous education


The therapy of dog degenerative joint disease (in Romanian)

Anca Bulai, Maria Crivineanu


The effect of some medicinal herbs on lipidic profile and of liver enzyme activities

in comparation with statins (in Romanian)

Erieg Abdul Wahab Mohamed, Romeo T. Cristina


Small practical guide elements veterinary therapeutics (in Romanian)

Romeo T. Cristina


Original papers


Feline hyperthyroidism associated with chronic renal disease and diabetes mellitus after treatment with methimazole - A case study

Andreea Pap, Romeo T. Cristina


Values for serotonin as an indiciator for the dogs' emotional state

- Case study on eight dogs

Timea Andrea Kocis (Bochis), I. Tibru




Effect of fenbendazole treatment in an ovine Dictiocaulosis episode

in Timis County

Adrian C. Stancu


The effect of treatment with Amprolium and Sulfadiarom in an episode of ovine coccidiosis in Timis County

Adrian C. Stancu


Juvaenes alumni

(in Romanian)




Celebrating 85 years of Prof. Dr. Dr.hc Justin Cosoroaba (in Romanian)

Gheorghe Darabus


Instructions for Authors

(In Romanian)





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