Online courses

Antimicrobial resistance and prudent use of antimicrobials in veterinary medicine




COPERTA_C1.jpg Course 1


1/Classification of anti-infectious group

 - Short introduction in the resistance topic

 - Groups of the antimicrobial substances: antibiotic and fungal group

 - Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

 - Classes of the active substances


COPERTA_C2_3.jpg Courses 2-3.


2/Ways of installing resistance to antibiotics

- Errors in the antibacterial treatment, the effects of under-dosing, of the repeated treatments

- Importance of periodical investigation for detection of resistance

- Analyzis of favourable conditions which favour the resistance gene's appeareance


3/The bacterial answer to the treatments

- Types, means, mechanisms and strategies of the bacterial population angaist antibacterials

- Organism - environment processes. Methodology to identify / evaluate the resistance.


COPERTA_C4_5.jpg Courses 4-5.


4/Economical and social dimension of resistance

- The evolution in last decade, economical losses and social importance of resistance

- strategies in this domain in Romania and EU


5/New means against resistance phenomenon to antiinfective group

- New groups of anti-infective structures, plants activity against resistant strains,

- 'green' medicines and other modern ways to fight against resistance




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