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2010-coperta noua_1.jpg 2010

Guide of usual calculations for the veterinary practice (see, on-line courses)


2009-M.jpg 2009

Terapia del Sistema Nervoso Autonomo «««


2008-M.2.jpg 2008

Investigation on E. cyparissias L. and its activity in the vet therapeutics «««


2008-M.jpg 2008

Nanotechnologies and drug delivery devices in medical sciences «««     

Congreses / Symposiums / Workshops /


2009 - 1st Joint Workshop of ASMM and ASAC: Medical Mycology: “From basic Science to Clinical Needs” Vienna



2013 - XII International Jena Symposium on Tick-Borne Diseases (IJSTD-XII), Germany.



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