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"An education isn't how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It's being able to differentiate between what you do

know and what you don't".


- Anatole France -





This site is the official web-page of Prof. Romeo Teodor Cristina, head of Veterinary Pharmacology Dept. to Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Timisoara, Romania and is dedicated to all interested who are preparing in the veterinary field, of all who love and understand animals, to our dear veterinary colleagues, practicians, students... and not only.

A teacher has the main responsibility, of imagining some student-centered learning methods. In my eyes, relation teacher-student must always be a partnership, in which parties assuming the responsibility to achieve learning outcomes. A valuable teacher is one who manages to guide the intellectual development of his ”partner” to the knowledge horizon.


We hope that the found information will be of help, into completing the needed knowledge, of those interested and glutton for the beautiful veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics. Also here you can find numbers of journal Medicamentul Veterinar/Veterinary Drug (ISSN:1843-9527-printed; 2069-2463-electronic), the Journal of Romanian National Association of Veterinary Products Manufacturers (RNAVPM), the sole journal of this profile in Romania is indexed by IndexCopernicus, DOAJ, CABI, Veterinary Bulletin, AOLIB, Academic Journals Database, etc. being accredited by College of Romanian Veterinarians.
In the trust that high standards of the noble profesion of Veterinary Doctor will be easier to reach, we wish you an useful navigation.


  Romeo T. Cristina 

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